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post-paid adv : having the postage paid by the sender; "I will send it post-paid" [syn: post-free]postpaid adj : used especially of mail; paid in advance [syn: prepaid]

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  1. paid in advance (used especially of mail items)

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Post Paid: a commonly referred to in and across India with telecom service providers for customers who use and pay. Prepaid accounts are the pay and use, whereas postpaid accounts can be referred to as use and pay.
There are two components to this: the first component is the monthly rent that the subscriber pays to the service provider. The second component is the usage charges. Depending upon the kind of tariff plan that the subscriber selects, the usage charges vary.
Very often, service providers in India bring out competitive plans to get people to switch service providers. Service providers also engage with corporates for Closed user group connections. These connections allow for subsidized calls to other members in the group, and a generally lower tariff on monthly rentals and usage fees.
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